Want sun kissed skin all year long?


Sunlight has a positive influence on our mood, gives us a boost of energy and a healthy appearance. Important factors that influence our happiness and self-confidence. 

Moreover the sun generates vitamin D, which protects us against bone and muscle problems. There are even strong indications that sunlight and vitamin D are protective against various forms of cancer. 

Alisun was one of the first companies to initiate the "Sensible Tanning Association". The main purpose of this foundation is to achieve explicit regulations within the Benelux for healthy and responsible tanning. 


Tips for sensible tanning in a sunbed

1-Determine your skin type based on the questionnaire that is provided in the salon

2-follow the indicated tanning times based on your determined skin type.

3-remove all cosmetics several hours before using the sunbed.

4-Do not wear jewellery

5-Use a pre tanner before you start your session.

6-use a moisturizer and nourishing cream after tanning.

7-you need to wear UV protective glasses or goggles.

8-you must leave 48 hours between your 1st and 2nd sessions, for the following sessions you need to leave 24 hours between sessions.


Please realize that you need to find a healthy balance in sunbathing which differs for everyone and also depends on the different regions on earth. SO depending on your skin type, we will decide the number of sessions you need. on average they are 6 sessions.


This service is only available in Korba branch and you don't need to book an appointment.